Youth Service 09 July 2017
August 7, 2017
Chitungwiza Combined Service 06 August 2017
August 8, 2017

Couples Service 09 July 2017

I believe that obedience to an instruction is the key to a successful life. God’s answers are there but we may not be ready to receive. When you present yourself before God and with a broken heart and ready to receive, the answers are immediate. When God postpones His help, when God does not give it there and there, it is proof that you were not ready to receive during your time of prayer. It is said, “Don’t offer your best advice unless and until the recipient is ready to receive.” Each time God promotes you, He gives you an instruction first and when you obey, your promotion then comes

Sometimes experience is not the best teacher. There are certain experiences that destroy you and you may not recover. A person who has gone through an experience should teach you. Life is very simple but we complicate it by disobeying the voice. Proverbs 13:18 Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction: but he that regardeth reproof shall be honored. In our country, we believe in going to church but the question is, Are people really obeying what they are being taught? Following instructions is key. You need to gather your children and tell them the importance of following an instruction. Make them believe that your instruction is their own key to success. Make sure all their attention is on you. Help your children to value your voice that each time you open your mouth, let them listen. Come up with ways and methods of getting their attention because each time you tell them not to do something, which alone would be a blessing.

You must learn to receive instruction because promotion comes after receiving instruction, obeying instruction. What I am telling you now is a cry, presidents, preachers everywhere that is their cry. Some people come to church and they want church to be conducted in a way they prefer, always remind yourself that I am here to receive instruction. You do not give instructions to the company that employs you; you receive instruction from the visionary.

When your children talk to you, do you listen to them? They have so much happening in their little bodies. Your immediate environment should be investigated thoroughly because what is happening close to you can destroy you than that happening far from you. Pay attention to your immediate environment! Obedience to an instruction is a key to a happy life. Naaman came to receive prayer from the prophet and the prophet sensed that he not only had a leprosy problem but also pride. When God heals you, he gives you an instruction. The general decided to go home and on his way home, a servant advised him to follow the instruction of the prophet. Naaman preferred death because he was trained to give and not receive instruction.


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