Couples Service 09 July 2017
August 7, 2017

Youth Service 09 July 2017

My main thrust and focus is really on getting you to understand the power that you have against demonic spirits. The devil, our greatest enemy, has a defense mechanism in place that helps him to be effective in the way he fights against us. We are dealing with a crook. He is not a straightforward person. He never plays according to the rules. He cheats and he makes sure that his fight with you is never fair. This is how you know he defends himself. He will make people doubt his existence. That is his desire. He wants you to doubt his existence and underestimate him so he can carry on his operations without you expecting him. He is behind every disaster but he has a way of divorcing himself from the accidents. He is behind some of the disasters you call natural disasters and you give them names like tsunamis and tornados but it would be him.

There is a difference between faith in God and faith of God. Faith of God is the faith God has. When you pray against your mountain, that is faith in God; but when you are dealing with your mountain, that is the faith of God. Faith of God is God believing in Himself that He can do it. The faith that God has is called the faith of God. That is the faith He uses to release His Word over a situation. Don’t doubt. When God is using his own faith, He doesn’t doubt.

2 Kings 7:1

Elisha changed the economy of Samaria in one word because he believed what he said. For three and a half years, there were no clouds. When he prayed and a cloud appeared, that became news. Everything was bound including God because he had the faith of God. God first went to him before sending the rains because he knew that there was a man who had said a word. God wants us to exercise his power. God is enjoying heaven because he dealt with his own devil. Deal with yours here. You have to deal with any intrusion here on earth. Listen to yourself. Demons cannot believe in your words if you doubt your own words. Respect your voice. If there is any situation you are facing now it may appear to be like a mountain but that is how you have chosen to look at it. It is not the mountain that tells you where to go. Size does not matter but authority.


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