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Chitungwiza Combined Service 06 August 2017

The following is a summary of the teaching delivered by Emmanuel Makandiwa at the UFIC Chitungwiza Basillica, Zimbabwe on Sunday 6 August 2017.
What is the mind of God concerning us? What is God really up to concerning this generation, His desires and expectations from us?
 2Corinthians 3 verses 17&18
People and various forms of creation are different, and as such, there is a Greater Life that is different from an ordinary life. There is a God-life that a Christian believer can be taught about and practice on a daily basis. If the power of God is demonstrated, for example healing of the sick, in the presence of Christian believers, it is for them to understand that they can address the same situation if they encounter it because every Christian believer carries the power of God.
God does not want you to have His power but He wants us to realize that He already gave it to us and all we have to do is to exercise it. If one finds himself in a challenging situation, he can introduce the Spirit of the Lord, which will
then assume Lordship over everything and have dominion over the situation.
1Corinthians 6 verses 17
When your spirit is joined to the Spirit of the Lord, the former is submerged in the Spirit of the Lord and the two become one, meaning that you cease to exist as a lone spirit but the Spirit of the Lord begins to dwell in you. For the Spirit of the Lord to be present in a given place and also if the Lord wants to bring liberty to a certain place, all it takes is for a child of God who is one with the Spirit of the Lord to be in that place and liberty will be granted. If a Christian believer focuses on Jesus, the latter becomes a mirror through which the former can see themselves meaning that a Christian believer can personalize the character of Jesus, having His power and His strength. When Peter focused on Jesus, He attracted Jesus’ ability to walk on water but when he focused on the storm, he began to sink; meaning that if one focuses not on Jesus but on their problem, they are transformed into a mirror of their problem. When you focus on the glory of God, the glory of God becomes your glory!
The evidence of having the Spirit of the Lord in a place is liberty. Look at how God instructed Moses to divide the water in the Red Sea (Exodus 14). A child of God must address every situation in their life by releasing a specific word directed to any problem they may be facing as the power of God will move until a child of God decides to take action.

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