October 18, 2019

International Prophecies

God, in His infinite Wisdom and Glory, ordained a man to be His Mouthpiece; an outlet through which His desires are expressed, an orifice through which virtue from His heart flows, a mouthpiece through which His mind takes the form of His voice and is brought out in the form of verbal expressions which can be comprehended by human minds – a man who is after God’s heart; Emmanuel Makandiwa. 

Beyond any reason of doubt, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophetic ministry has proven that God is still speaking in this day and age and the Prophetic and Prophecy is not only found in the Bible. 

Endowed by God with an ability to see into the lives of people and to utter the mind of God concerning the lives of individuals, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa carries a Divine aura that enables him to travel in and out the time-space continuum; revealing secrets of the future whilst in  the present. 

Being a man who constantly hears from God, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophetic gift has brought about heavenly insight and direction in the lives of not only individuals but nations. It has revealed the mind of God and exposed the plans of the enemy towards God’s people; empowering God’s people with divine focus and direction.

His calling into the Prophetic has manifested in a manner that has proven that the Supernatural and the Prophetic is real –out-ruling  any possibilities of doing it by chance or mere guessing which sells out the divine source of His heavenly intellect and information.

Not only are his prophetic utterances top-secret files pulled from The Divine; they are strikingly accuate because he accesses them from the Future, giving reference to eons in the Past whilst standing in the Present.

“I am not called just to one nation. I am called by God to many nations” 

  • Emmanuel Makandiwa

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