Emmanuel Makandiwa is a man of God who walks the talk. He embodies the principles, precepts and profound wisdom of God in his personal life, which is a living inspiration to millions of people. Emmanuel Makandiwa is the founding President of United Family International Church which runs with the Vision of Building a God Society of All People of All Nations. Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have hosted seminars, conferences and masterclasses over the years. In all these impactful gatherings, Emmanuel Makandiwa has inspired positive mental renewal which has transformed millions of people. Emmanuel, together with his wife Ruth, remained loyal to the vision and the calling of God upon their lives, even from the most humble beginnings. Their desire and passion for the extension, empowerment and the establishment of the Kingdom of God is undeniably evident in the historic milestones. The impact of their ministry has complied global attention and recognition. Heeding to God’s call of starting not just an ordinary ministry but an international Prophetic movement, Emmanuel Makandiwa executes his Divine assignment in a manner that is full of grace, humility and saturated with the anointing of God.

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