Endowed by God with a special grace of addressing some of the most difficult cases that even medical doctors would have written off, Emmanuel Makandiwa has proven, beyond any reason of doubt that the Power of God is real and Jesus is the ultimate solution. A man whom God has been using mightily in the area of healing; Emmanuel Makandiwa has ministered to thousands of people through the Healing Sessions that he hosts and also during services where he will be ministering. In all these sessions and services, the healing power of Jesus is activated by the ministration of the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa and it touches individuals in an amazing way. Supernatural, healing, wisdom and inspiration in all its elements flow through the hands of Emmanuel Makandiwa into the lives of people, leaving them with instant, mind-blowing testimonies and totally transformed.

From broken bones, incurable ailments and chronic diseases to conditions that doctors failed to diagnose and point-of-death cases, the healing power of Jesus Christ through the hands of Emmanuel Makandiwa has brought thousands of people back to Life. And not just back to Life but to a Life full of health, peace and joy. Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Healing Ministry has turned tears of sorrow and pain into tears of joy unspeakable in the lives of thousands of people; giving them hope when all of it seemed to have been lost. Many people have witnessed the Power of God at work through Emmanuel Makandiwa’s ministry. An encounter with the ministry of Emmanuel Makandiwa brings liberty, restoration of life and a new birth into abundant life.

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