Preacher... Prophet... Teacher... Mentor... Role Model... Spiritual Father... Advisor... Counsellor... and a Loving Husband, all these and many more are spectrum through which millions of people see him. But one thing that is undeniable about him is that the hand of God is upon him. From a very tender age, supernatural manifestations and an outstanding character confirmed the God-given assignment that was upon his life. Emmanuel Makandiwa remained true to his calling and ministry which God through visions, encounters and divine visitations expounded to him many years before he entered into pastoral ministry.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s ministry has attracted a huge following, both in Zimbabwe and globally. Apart from the tens of thousands of people that he ministers to every Sunday, people from all over the world come to experience the rare dimension of God’s anointing and grace upon Emmanuel Makandiwa’s ministry during gatherings like the Judgment Night, Conferences, LIfe Haven, Live Broadcasts and his social media accounts which have the highest following for a Zimbabwean resident in Zimbabwe . And in all the services, conferences and seminars, mind-blowing miracles, signs and wonders are a trademark. His ability to deliver profound revelations from the word of God, relevant to the 21st Century Christian has brought about a transformation in the lives of millions of people. Through his prophetic office, Emmanuel Makandiwa has delivered innumerable prophecies with awestriking individuals and some with influential positions in both local and international society. He has also delivered international prophecies to nations and in all the prophecies; his words did not fall to the ground. He is the voice of God that is used to minister to the spiritual, physical, economic and emotional needs of people worldwide and through him, millions have witnessed the profound manifestation of the power of God and also, have felt the love of God. He is a personality that God has and is using to minister to the spiritual, physical, economic and emotional needs of people and nations worldwide. Emmanuel is married to Ruth Makandiwa and they are blessed with five wonderful children.

Over the years many efforts have been made to find a proper description of who Emmanuel Makandiwa is. A plethora of names have been flouted around like ‘Gunship’, ‘His Sharpness’, ‘The Voice’. Each of these names clearly focuses on a specific manifestation of his ministry or gifting. Emmanuel Makandiwa is more than all this. In his own words, he has once told us that he is an ‘all-rounder’, another moment he says he is a ‘pathfinder’ What he says about himself best describes him and such words formulate an accurate personal brand description.

Emmanuel Makandiwa is ‘The Vision of God’. His lifestyle and conduct clearly demonstrate ‘the vision of God ‘ with humanity. He is that which all creation craves for its manifestation, A true ‘son of God’ As such he is a ‘Spiritual Expert’. .
Emmanuel Makandiwa is undeniably is the Prophet?
A prophet is a spiritual expert given by God to a people, nation and places to reverse schemes, wiles of the devil ultimately aligning humanity to its Full God-given destiny.

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